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The frequently asked questions page should give you all the information you need but if you want to find out more please give us a call on 0191 276 7963.

How do I open a Pay as you prom savings account?

When you join as a member you will receive an account number so you can start saving straight away. Our friendly team will help you through the simple application process at any of our local service points. Or you may also apply online

At Moneywise we know that School Proms are a costly time of year for parents and carers.

The average cost for a girls’ Prom is £400.00, whilst for a boys’ Prom it is £240.00

That’s why we have created a new Adult savings account called Pay as You Prom Account so parents or guardians can start saving to meet the costs.

For example:

Girls’ Prom Savings Plan

Save £11.00 per week x 37 weeks

Total available to spend: £407.00

Boys’ Prom Savings Plan

Save £6.50 per week x 37 weeks

Total available to spend: £240.50

It’s that easy. So, open your Pay as You Prom account today.

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Saving with Moneywise is easy through payroll deduction. Your regular deduction comes straight from your salary so you won’t even notice it.

Smart Cash Childrens Account

You can become a member of Moneywise from birth so it’s a great place to put a little aside for your children and grandchildren. If you are between 8-16 years you also check out the Moneywise Smartcash card, a Visa debit card for young people.

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You might find it helpful to check out the kind of questions that our customers frequently ask us. You can also submit any other questions you might have.

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Membership is open to all who live and work in the Tyne and Wear, County Durham, Teesside or Northumberland region.

Joining Moneywise is free and all we ask is you save regularly to support our funds for lending. We only lend to members so you can be confident your savings are being used to support like-minded individuals.

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