Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

We know that when you contact us, the things you want to tell us are very important to you. They are important to us too.

And at times, we know that issues being discussed can be frustrating or distressing for you. To help us understand and deal with your issue, please be polite to our staff, they deserve to be treated with good manners, and respect. We won’t tolerate abusive or unreasonable behaviour towards them, and it may affect how effectively we can communicate with you.

Our policy sets out what we consider to be abusive or unreasonable behaviour and the actions we might take if we consider your behaviour to be unacceptable.

Abusive behaviour

We care about our people, and will protect their personal safety and wellbeing at all times while at work. We will seek to understand and try to resolve matters to your satisfaction, but recognise that not everyone will agree with our decisions. While that can be frustrating, we will not accept or tolerate any behaviour that we consider to be insulting, threatening or violent towards any of our people such as:

  • offensive language
  • aggressive or threatening behaviour
  • racist, sexist or homophobic language
  • any other form of discrimination

Unreasonable behaviour

We want to be as open and accessible as possible, and will provide appropriate and adequate responses in a timely manner. But we also need to use our resources in an efficient and effective way. Occasionally, some types of communication or behaviour can put excessive or unreasonable demands on the time of our people. This affects our ability to help other people.

Examples of unreasonable behaviour include:

  • refusing to cooperate, or clarify an issue or matter, despite our offers of help
  • making excessive contacts, whether by frequent calls i.e. daily, emailing numerous staff members, or sending detailed letters every few days, and expecting immediate responses
  • making unjustified complaints against our people who are trying to help
  • during a call, insisting on speaking to someone else, when we have explained that you are speaking to the appropriate person.
  • pursuing complaints on the same issue, at the same time, with multiple organisations
  • raising many detailed questions that are not central to the issue(s), and insisting they are all answered

Actions we might take

We will explain what we see as unacceptable and ask people to change their behaviour. If it continues we may:

  • end the call
  • stop communicating about an issue or complaint that we feel we have already answered
  • stop communicating directly with someone over the telephone, and only communicate in writing or via audio recording
  • with your consent, communicate through a representative such as a relative, friend or community advocate
  • exclude you from membership of Moneywise Credit Union

Social media

We have profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter  and YouTube.

We use these social media profiles to signpost to our publications and information, and monitor to gain valuable insight which informs our work.

We do not allow abusive behaviour towards Moneywise Credit Union or our people on these websites. Content that we believe to be abusive or unsuitable is escalated for further action, which may include contacting the author, reporting it to the relevant social media company and/or taking legal action.

August 2021

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